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See how that «staunch ally» Saudi Arabia, has worked to use its wealth to undercut the Infidels everywhere, in West Africa and East Africa (where the money goes farthest, and apparently unknown to the State Department but not to the terrified black African Christians, Islam is on the march see Togo, see Nigeria, see Niger), in Asia and Europe and North America, paying for mosques and madrasas, campaigns of Da’wa, and Islamic propaganda, some of it aided by Western hirelings in universities, the press, business, and of course the centers of political power.Think of what Israel has done for the military security of the Western world, merely by working for its own security. What country destroyed the ambitions of that wretched Soviet ally Nasser, and upended him forever, caused his disappearance and with him, Nasserism? What country despite the predictable and predicted condemnation (not least from the administration of George Bush and James Baker) destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor, and in so doing, derailed for 21 years his nuclear ambitions, which is to say until he himself was removed, so that those ambitions were never realized? What country recently destroyed the nuclear installation in Syria that Iran and the North Koreans had built? whose pressure now is really the cause of whatever measures at this point the so far dilatory and delaying Americans and others may take against Iran? And what country, do you suppose will in the end deal most effectively with the chiliastic madmen of the Islamic Republic of Iran? What country today supplies all kinds of technological advances that are then taken advantage of by the United States? [See drones] What country is best able to penetrate, and to make sense of, intelligence derived from the Muslim Arab states and from Iran?And there is one more thing. Given all that has happened, the Western world could not survive, or rather Western morale among all those who think and feel could not survive a second destruction of Israel.

Miguel Bernardeau: Todo un poco más extremo. Es un lugar diferente a la de la primera, ha vuelto Marina y llegamos todos los alumnos al colegio un poco. Guzmán ha tocado fondo y desde ahí tiene que resurgir. Uno de los argumentos esgrimidos es que en la segunda mitad del siglo II se observan abandonos de casas situadas en esta zona, lo que ha hecho pensar en la construcci en este momento de la muralla en el sur y en el este, que originar el traslado de la poblaci de esta zona hacia el interior de estas murallas. Una hip probable es que el l occidental y norte hubiera permanecido estable desde la fundaci de la ciudad, incluso contando con una muralla de opus caementicium que proteg la zona m desguarnecida, mientras que en el este la muralla fuera innecesaria en sus primeros tiempos gracias a la natural protecci del curso del Huerva, que marcar el l oriental. En el siglo III, en todo caso, definitivamente se construye o reconstruye el per descrito arriba con una muralla de sillares, de la que se conservan abundantes restos..

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